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Article: Latour, Oysters and Champagne

Published on May 1st, 2008


Cover of Kontekst #6

The full title of this article is “From Foucault and filter coffee to Latour, oysters and champagne” and it is my personal account of how I see voluntary work in student organizations and what I find so fascinating about it.

Of course I use the insights, I gathered through my involvement in the Students Association at the department of Information Studies (SAIS). Since 2006, we have transformed the board of SAIS into an exclusive dinner club. This might sound less than serious, but it has been an important move, since the voluntary work is no longer felt as a burden: we always have a good time at meetings. In other words: what we have done, is to provide the participants with something more than just filter coffee and a guilty conscience. Through such enjoyable meetings we create and sustain an energy level that helps us keep the organization running accordingly.

This article was published in the student magazine Kontekst, but had previously been published in Delfinen in a shorter version. Read about it here.
Read the full text(Danish only)


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